Ildiko Biro

ILDIKO BIRO is an NASM, NSCA certified Personal Trainer, a health and fitness professional, a lifestyle coach and the owner of FitNox Personal Training.

Her passion for health and fitness was born out of a lifetime struggle with her own weight. By adopting a healthy lifestyle and making regular exercise a part of her every day life lead to the positive changes in her health and fitness.

With her education background and classroom presentation experience she made the goal of her life to share her new found passion with everybody.

She is committed to help you build a strong body which can move with grace and fluidity, dramatically improve the quality of YOUR life – from reduced risk of diseases, to increased energy, to improved mental function.


New Special

FitNox Personal Training is featured in the " Cutting Edge of Fitness " by R. L. Winters, and is available on Amazon.



New Special

Need to get into that dress – no photoshoping those wedding pictures after the fact – we’re going to work those arms, slim that waist and make you picture perfect the for the big day!