• FitNox is a New York City based In-Home Personal Training Company founded by ILDIKO BIRO, with busy New Yorkers in mind.
  • FitNox is committed to help and inspire YOU to adopt a healthier lifestyle and improve the quality of YOUR daily living.
  • At FitNox we train movements and mindsets, a balanced body and mind that can take you through LIFE. Life is a Marathon let's train together.
  • FitNox will get ANY client to ANY goal with an integrated program that will target muscle balance, strength and tone while simultaneously increasing your cardiovascular capabilities.


New Special

FitNox Personal Training is featured in the " Cutting Edge of Fitness " by R. L. Winters, and is available on Amazon.



New Special

Need to get into that dress – no photoshoping those wedding pictures after the fact – we’re going to work those arms, slim that waist and make you picture perfect the for the big day!